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5 Pieces Solderable 450 Point Mini Breadboard PCB

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Quantity: 5 Pieces


Type: Bread Board

PCB Material: FR4

Weight: Approx 14 gms (Each Board)

Entire Hole Quantity: 450 Points

Dimension: 9.5 x 5 cm

WAS ₹450.00 NOW ₹350.00

A breadboard is the most commonly used prototyping tool in the world. It consists of a set of rails that hold a matrix of interconnected horizontal and vertical conductive paths or “breadcrumbs”. A prototype (test version) of something is built by using components on your breadboard, attaching them with electrical tape or other adhesive materials, and connecting the dots as you go.

  • Transfer your projects on a breadboard to a solderable breadboard-type PCB.
  • Easily assemble projects on this solderable board.
  • Turn circuit diagrams into functional projects easily.
  • Transfer your breadboard layouts to a permanent base.
  • Specifically designed to make working with DIL or DIP ICs easy.
  • A Simple strip layout makes it easy to build complex circuits.
  • Copper tracks are isolated from each other and can be cut to stop current flow.
  • Ideal for development and prototyping work.
  • Tin plated for easy soldering.
  • Can be used as Veroboard, stripboard, perfboard.

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